H20 for ME, Maine's Water Dividend Trust


Have you thought about Maine's Water - How today it's Maine's Oil?
Water is an important and critical natural resource that we all have invested in, publicly and privately, to clean up and preserve. BUT - all this has not been without a price. Businesses and jobs have been lost as a result of this effort. This investment has been necessary and worth the cost and hardship. The results are obvious. Maine has clean water.
What we haven't properly considered is - Whose water have we protected?
For centuries, we have always believed that the water belonged to all of us, to all the citizens of Maine. When we began fighting the clean water battles 30 - 40 years ago, here in Maine and around the country, we were not focused on bulk water extractions, some of which are managed by a large transnational water cartel. They saw something that we took for granted. Our clean water was free and large profits were for the taking as long as the citizens of Maine were asleep. We are no longer asleep and we can protect our water and share in the benefits of our investments.
Over the past few months, a small group of concerned Maine citizens formed a coalition to change the State laws to secure a more prosperous Maine future. H2 for ME grew from that effort.
H2 for ME has three major objectives:
Ensure Maine's aquifers are protected and monitored for sustainability and protected.
Enact a water royalty fee on containerized water sales, to be paid into a dedicated trust fund, Maine's Water Dividend Trust, which will benefit all Maine's citizens.
Invest the trust fund in Maine's economy. Dividends earned from this trust will be paid to Maine citizens for their years of clean water investment.
In this effort we have received support from hundreds of citizens: from Presque Isle to York, from Oxford to Washington Counties. We have support from farmers, small entrepreneurs, veterans, trades people, and business owners. Politicians have also signed on board to help enact this legislation. We have just begun to fight!
Now, we need your support and your contributions. Until now, we have been funding this effort alone....no complaints... ... But now we need YOUR help. If you think this is an idea that needs to be enacted, we need your support. We are up against some of the largest corporations in the world. Maine people can meet this challenge! Your donation would be appreciated and well looked after.... This is your opportunity to step forward, to make a difference, and to be part of the fight to keep the clean water benefits within Maine for now and future generations!
Thank you for your help and your contribution
Jim Wilfong, Stow Maine

Checks can be made out to H2  for ME
and mailed to
H2  for ME
PO Box 52
Fryeburg, ME 04037
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